Sun Scape 755

Special Features

  • Photometrically designed shoulder tanner provides additional tanning to the top of shoulders.
  • Frosted acrylics evenly distribute the UV light across the acrylic for an even, all over tan.
  • High tech Digital Dashboard displays the session time as well as the face and fan settings.
  • Stereo speakers for your listening pleasure.
  • Spacious slightly curved 7 foot, ergonomically designed bench provides even support to the back, neck and shoulders.
  • Integrated body cooling system gives the tanner a comfortable tanning session from head to toe.
  • Directional air vents allow tanner to rotate the two facial cooling vents to blow directly on face and neck
  • Bed canopy contains 33 VS-R lamps and the bench contains 22 lamps (plus 10 shoulder lamps).
  • 5 Ultimate Reflection™ 500 watt facial tanning lamps that can be switched to half power or turned off completely.
  • 200 watt system is comprised of a true 200 watt lamp and ballast.
  • 10 minute max session time.